Cyclist's Full Set of Stuff

I tour full time with a full set of stuff,
Not less than I need or more than enough.
All safely stashed within easy reach,
Ready for desert or forest or beach.

I have food, fuel, a good fly swatter,
Stove, tent and plenty of water.
A potty, skillet, four kinds of soap,
A Swiss Army knife and a piece of rope.

A GPS, star chart and portable TV,
Tools for any contingency.
Cleaning supplies, things for the bed,
Sunglasses, towels, needle and thread.

Flatwear, flashlight, several hats,
Air pump and patches to fix my flats.
Toiletries, spices, bolts and screws,
Gloves, helmet, five pairs of shoes.

Credit cards, books, several bags,
Saws brushes and cleaning rags.
Full rain gear and lots of clothes,
A stash of money, a water hose.

A mirror, medicine, compass and maps,
Scissors and twine and two mouse traps.
A shovel, sandpaper, a portable bar,
Alarm clock, cards and a VCR.

Stamps and envelopes, parts to spare,
Pans and dishes, a folding chair.
Paper and pens, solar panels,
Summer cottons, winter flannels.

Well, you get my point, this full set of stuff,
Is all I need to smooth the rough.
I can cook, eat, wash my hair,
Watch TV, or make a repair.

I can sleep, bathe, read or dig,
With just the stuff on my rig.
Where motorists gaze and rush away,
This cyclist stops and stays the day.

Down the back roads by lazy brooks,
I take a nap or read my books.
Chase the wind, drift and roam,
Let night overtake me, everywhere is home.

Spend my time in a thousand places,
Share myself with a thousand faces.
Drink in life till I've had enough,
Thanks to my bike and a full set of stuff.